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Latex Coated Gloves

A latex coating is used as an additional barrier material on work gloves. An extra layer of protection on a string-knit or a jersey glove allows you to retain the comfort, while adding both a great grip and an increased level of hand protection. Latex coated gloves are suitable for handling small parts, use in the automotive industry, metal stamping, construction work and general purposes. These latex palm gloves offer strong grip, dexterity, good abrasion resistance, puncture-resistance and overall durability. Latex has very high elasticity and exceptional grip capabilities compared to other glove materials; it can also withstand high temperatures and has great tear resistance. In regards to chemicals, it resists alcohols and certain ketones, but performs poorly around most hydrocarbon and organic solvents, such as gasoline and kerosene. Please be advised that due to allergy issues, latex coated gloves are not always an option for some workers.

As well as providing good protection latex coated gloves also provide great flexibility, grip and abrasion resistance. Most of our latex coated gloves have an uncoated back to allow the hand to breath while the palm is fully coated for the protection you need. We have a large selection of protection levels and sizes to suit all.

One of the most significant innovations during this time was the creation of dipped gloves which was a game-changer for the personal protective equipment (PPE) industry.

Today, the PPE industry has moved even further beyond the original dipped latex glove and is able to offer a dipped coated glove in a variety of materials that are great for different industries and applications depending on the worker and job need.


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